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If so, you could be covered by your building insurance. Read below for guidance. 

Are you covered?

Most customers are often unaware that their existing buildings insurance provides cover for damaged septic tanks, cesspits, soakaways and sewage treatment plants. The cover will typically be found in your policy documents, under the section entitled ‘accidental damage to underground services’. If you are having septic tank problems and are unsure, get in touch and we will help the through the process.


What does ‘accidental damage’ actually mean?

Accidental damage typically means anything that happens suddenly, and which could not be foreseen.  Insurance policies will usually provide cover for certain types of septic tank damage such as splits or fractures within the walls of the tank itself, roots from nearby trees or shrubs growing through the walls of the tank or pipework which can often cause soak-away problems and damage from vehicles above ground.

We are experts in presenting these types of claims to building insurance companies, our knowledge and expertise gives you the chance for the best possible outcome.

What is typically covered?

If your sewage system has been well maintained throughout it's life without any issues, and has worked efficiently but has suddenly been damaged or has failed, UKDP can likely help.

Contact us and we’ll ask all the questions we need to assess your situation.



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