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Through design, installation, and service, we can supply the complete package to
suit your needs. With Turley septic tanks and waste treatment plants we will have a
solution no mater how environmentally sensitive your area is. From New build, Replacement systems or Insurance claims. We can handle all this for you.

Information regarding Turleys Bros Septic Tanks - ones of which we install is below.


Turley’s septic tanks are built to last. Unlike plastic and fibreglass alternatives,
our precast concrete tanks are strong, durable and watertight. Furthermore, due to
the nature of precast concrete, our tanks gradually strengthen over time. Meeting all the definitions and mandatory standards of a septic tank in the European Union, our EN125661 certified Turley septic tank has a capacity of 3,400 litres. That’s enough to solve the sewage disposal problem of an eight person home.

The process - wastewater enters through a calming inlet, minimizing disturbance. Inflowing wastewater is being intermittently aerated in both chambers. This process reduces the overall sludge production. The total tank volume is being utilized as Reactor/ Sludge storage/ and buffer at different times within the 12 hour cycle. This same 12 hr cycle enables the system to minimize the probability of hydraulic peaks occurring during sedimentation or clearwater discharge. Systems available for both 97.5% and 95% BOD removal

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